Postal and electronic addresses and
phone numbers of "Energotehnika" PE, Kiev

Address for correspondence:

"Energotehnika" PE
Ukraine, 03037, Kiev, Krasnopartizanska, 14-A, # 4

Tel. / fax: +380 (44) 249-67-34


Director - Valerii Gaiduk (Ph.D. Physics and Mathematics Sciences) - tel.: +380-50-311-61-36

Business Manager - Sergei Domnitsky - tel.: +380-50-333-75-57


Chief Mechanical Engineer - Yuri Kovtun - tel.: +380-63-813-18-80


Short information about "Energotehnika"
Private Enterprise,Kiev

The activity of the enterprise is related to the development and production of movable (dynamic self-aligning) stuffing box sealing devices for equipment in the power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and food industries.

The main product of "Energotehnika" PE is a sealing device with a self-centering ("floating") stuffing box for centrifugal and plunger pumps, mixers, distributors, etc.

Enterprise carries out the modernization of existing equipment by replacing traditional gland seals with self-centering seals, as well as develops and manufactures self-centering seals for the new equipment manufactured by other companies.

"Energotehnika" PE carries out theoretical and experimental work of solving difficult tasks to seal in situations associated with viscous, corrosive or abrasive media, high pressure, vacuum, high speeds or temperature, the requirement of zero-leakage and without packing tightening .

The enterprise is interested in exploring new application fields for self-centering boxes and implementation of its new seal products in these fields.

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