For vertical pumps type of

● OPV-10-185 ● 170DPV

● SDV-7200/29 ● 600V-1,6/100

● OPV-3-110 ● OPV-5-110


☑ Seal has a radially movable stuffing box, which can on bearing balls easily be displaced and become self-aligning coaxially with the shaft.

☑ High reliability of the seal is achieved by enabling the dynamic compensation of the radial oscillations of rotating shaft (up to 1.5 mm on the radius) and the static self-centering (up to 3.5mm on the radius).

☑ The minimal leakage through the seal provides the virtual absence of abrasive wear of the pump bearings and the shaft surface.

☑ There are partially and fully split-type versions. Made of stainless steel grade of 321 (AISI). Gland packing - braid thermally expanded graphite. Warranty period - 4 years.

☑ The sealing device operates at thermal power plants, at heat and power plants, at sewage main systems and at nuclear power plants plants since 2001.

For chemical plunger
ND dosing-pumps

● ND-100/250 ● ND-10/100

● ND-25/250 ● ND-400

● ND-630 ● ND-1000

● ND-1600 ● ND-2500

☑ Product comes in the form of a hydraulic cylinder assembly with self-tightening seal and self-centering plunger, which is installed in the pump casing without modifications.

☑ Has a long experience of operating for the pumps type of ND dosing of sulfuric acid, coagulant, phosphate solution and alkali at thermal power plants, at heat and power plants and at nuclear power plants.

☑ Packing is loaded into a movable piston, which is pressing the packing automatically, that provides the seal operation without leakage and without the need to manual tighten of the packing.

☑ Plunger has the possibility to be easily shifted in the radial direction (up to 1.5mm on the side), so it self-aligns coaxially with the piston, traking any misalignments and inclinations, and therefore the packing works under minimal contact pressure of the plunger and serves significantly longer than in a conventional seal.

☑ Made of stainless steel grade of 321H (AISI). Gland packing - braid thermally expanded graphite. Warranty period is 1 year.

For melting and massecuite

● UTM-90 ● UTM-120 ● UTM-130

● TKM30 ● TMDU ● TUR-2

● TUR-3 ● TUR-4 ● TUR-5

● TSUG ● TPPD-200 ● TPPD-300

● TS2-4,2 ● TMU-60 ● TMU-90

● TPS-25 ● TSPS ● TS-100

☑ Seal is installed for the vertical and horizontal equipment used in the sugar production. Shaft length is from 2m to 12m, the shaft diameter - from 60mm to 215mm, revolution rate - from 2rpm to 500rpm. Mixing medium are massecuite or sugar melting product with temperature 90°C .

☑ Stuffing box roling on bearing balls while mixer operating dynamically tracks the radial shaft vibrations, which arise due to significant deflection that is typical for long length shafts. The seal allows the stuffing box to displace up to 2.5 mm on the radius.

☑ Seal operates without leaks and necessity to tighten the packing occurs really rarely. Thanks to zero-leakage the sealing device can reliably work without the use of washing liquid while the working environment has abrasive properties.

☑ The seal operates under inevitable shock loads on the shaft, caused the interaction of blades with a mixing media having increased viscosity.

☑ It is available two versions: of corrosion-resistant steel 321H (AISI) or carbon steel with double nickel-plated.

The list of industrial equipment
for which self-aligning stuffing boxes are produced (part 3)

The final section presents self-centering sealing device designed and produced by "Energotehnika" PE, Kiev, for centrifugal vertical high capacity pumps type of OPV, DPV, SDV, for chemical plunger dosing pumps type ND, for melting and massecuite mixers TUR, TKM, UTM.

Manufacturers of these pumps and mixers are the following plants, respectively:

◎ "Energomash (Sisert) Uralhydromash" CJSC (OPV, DPV, SDV pumps);


◎ SIA "RINAR MASINBUVE" (Rigahimmash) (ND pumps);

◎ Grebenkovsky Engineering Works, PJSC ( TUR, TKM, UTM mixers and distributors).

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